Key Question

What are your competitors doing around you, and how does this compare to your strategy?


The objective of BMI-T’s competitor and stakeholder service is to assist organisations in comparing themselves to other organisations in order to identify opportunities and risks in their particular market and understand market responses to the company brand, products and services.


BMI-TechKnowledge gathers, analyses and applies information about products, services, customers, and competitors in order to inform, advise and assist companies in short and long term strategic planning.

BMI-T specialises in combining both qualitative and quantitative methods in order to produce a holistic research solution.

Profiles can be compiled from primary and/or secondary data sources. The sources of the data depends on the depth and scope of the competitor or stakeholder profile. We adhere strictly to our Privacy and Confidentiality commitments whilst undertaking these assignments.

The competitors and stakeholders that are to be profiled are identified jointly with the client through an initial competitor/stakeholder identification and classification workshop.

We undertake detailed customer surveying projects whereby we actively test competitor pereceptions whilst simultaneously testing client perceptions too. This allows us to do detailed gap analysis on comparisons versus your competitors’ customer’s perceptions. These assignments are high impact and almost always have a fundamental beneficial result for the client.


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